SITA and Orange to build global cloud computing infrastructure


SITA, and Orange Business Services have agreed to jointly
build a global, high performance, managed cloud computing infrastructure. Each
partner will use this infrastructure to deliver its cloud services portfolio to
its markets with added global reach, reliability and minimum latency.


The cloud computing infrastructure will be based on six seamlessly interconnected Tier
III and Tier IV data centers in five continents, in Atlanta, Frankfurt,
Johannesburg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney.


Each data center will cover its respective region and
will be interconnected via Orange’s high-speed MPLS network. Over this infrastructure, Orange Business Services and
SITA will offer their individual portfolio of cloud computing services,
encompassing infrastructure as-a-service, platform as-a-service, desktop
as-a-service, and software as-a-service. Both Orange Business Services and SITA
will continue to own the service relationships with their end customers.


The infrastructure will deliver high performance cloud
computing services globally. Network connections between the data centers are
secured with premium levels of protection against malicious threats.


Highly resilient service is ensured through redundant
connections, failover sites, and network-based intelligent re-routing that can
transfer traffic around any disruptions, leading to significantly higher
performance levels between the data centers. The two companies are aiming to
achieve no more than 100 milliseconds of latency when their customers are
operating their applications in the cloud.


Rollout of the infrastructure has already started with
the data centers of Atlanta, Frankfurt and Singapore being fully operational in
Q1 2012 and all six data centers in Q3 2012.


The scope and reliability of this cloud infrastructure
speak to the current needs of Orange Business Services’ and SITA’s customers,
who are looking for sophisticated cloud computing engagements that can equally
cover the global nature of their operations and deliver high performance.


SITA has a successful 60-year track record of working
solely for the air transport community, taking a long-term view and investing
for the industry’s future. The globally managed network delivered to our
customers as well as our industry knowledge provides the foundation for our
investment in the air transport industry (ATI) Cloud. SITA continues to have a
successful partnership with Orange Business Services, built on our network


“Cloud computing is a network-centric concept so
when we were looking for a partner to build the infrastructure for the ATI
Cloud, we knew it would be strategic to partner with a global operator. Orange
Business Services was the obvious choice,” said said Francesco Violante,
chief executive officer, SITA.  


“Sharing the building and operation of the
infrastructure brings economies of scale to both companies. Only by working
together are we able to bring a fully formed, high-end cloud computing
infrastructure that can meet the complex and global requirements of the air
transport industry,” Violante added.  


By working for so many years with SITA, we know that the
air transport industry is highly demanding. Therefore partnering on a managed
cloud computing infrastructure is real-world proof that Orange Business
Services can deliver the same high-performance, high-security cloud services to
its multinational customers,” said Vivek Badrinath, chief executive
officer, Orange Business Services.  


The ambition of Orange Business Services is to make it
easy for customers to access the IT resources they need by providing a
one-stop-shop for a range of cloud computing services. By taking an integrated
approach, Orange Business Services can deliver network and IT with end-to-end
service level commitments wherever our customers do business.


“Thanks to this joint infrastructure, we will bring
increasingly varied and flexible cloud services to the international market
like never before, providing the global reach and the reliability our customers
need to catch the promises cloud computing can deliver. It is a key milestone
in our ambition on the cloud computing market,” said Vivek Badrinath, chief
executive officer, Orange Business Services.  


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