Software AG buys my-Channels for universal messaging technology

Telecom Lead Europe: In order to extend its integration
technology, Software AG announced that it has acquired my-Channels to use
my-Channels’ low latency messaging software.


As result of this acquisition, customers of Software AG
will now be able to stream large volumes of critical data to employees,
customers and partners anywhere, over any channel and to any device.


The company said that this acquisition is a major step in
implementing its strategy for the in-memory management of Big Data.


The acquisition will enable Software AG’s customers to
integrate their enterprise applications, cloud-based applications, and mobile
devices through a unique, universal messaging layer.


This acquisition, as an integral part of our portfolio
strategy, will give our customers a huge competitive advantage. An advantage in
terms of the performance of their internal enterprise communications today and
in the flexibility and scalability provided in adopting new information
delivery channels, as they emerge, to external customers,” said Wolfram Jost,
CTO of Software AG.


Founded in 1999 and headquartered in London, my-Channels’
technology supports modern messaging standards such MQTT and HTML5/web Sockets.


“I am very confident that this acquisition, and the
technology integration that will follow, will also make sense to both
my-Channels and Software AG customers,” said Paul Brant, my-Channels CEO


Nirvana, my-Channels’ technology is a message orientated
middleware product that enables bi-directional streaming of data between any
combination of internal and external systems/clients. It provides a messaging
platform capable of streaming hundreds of thousands of messages to many
thousands of clients within micro seconds.


The technology provides feature-rich and consistent APIs
for a wide range of platforms including Java, C# .NET, C++ and more.


In addition to acquisition, Software AG plans to certify
interoperability of my-Channels Nirvana with the webMethods suite to coincide
with the release of Nirvana 7 in Q2 2012.


IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Software AG lead global enterprise
service bus (ESB) suites market


Recently, Market research firm Research and Markets revealed
that Software AG is among the key vendors that dominates the
global enterprise service bus (ESB) suites market space.


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