Spacecom receives 11 million multi-year contract extension from African client

Telecom Lead Africa: Spacecom, operator of the AMOS
satellite fleet, has announced that a current client on its AMOS-5 satellite
servicing Africa has extended the contract for a total of five years.


The multi-year extension for using services on the
satellite is worth approximately $11 million.


The African communications provider is using AMOS-5 for
supplying data services over the satellite’s pan-African C-band beam.


AMOS-5 is serving Africa from the 17°E orbital position
with C-band and Ku-band beams. It began commercial operations on January 25,
2012 and is becoming a prime carrier of African satellite communications
traffic in both broadcast and data services.


“We are pleased that our client, after only two
months of full service on AMOS-5, has already decided to fulfill a complete
five-year contract with us. This is a testament to the excellence of service we
provide and the strong relationships we build. AMOS-5 is providing Spacecom
with an exciting and extremely powerful platform for African communication
companies, organizations and governments. We look forward to realizing its
tremendous potential,” said, Eyal Copitt, senior vice president for Africa Sales,



AMOS-5 delivers high-power C-band and Ku-band capacity to
the entire African continent with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East.


The company’s planned launch of AMOS-4 in 2013 with
coverage over Russia and South Asia, and AMOS-6 in 2014 with coverage over
Europe and the Middle East, will further enhance Spacecom’s position as a
multi-regional satellite operator.


Spacecom is an operator of AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 satellites
co-located at 4°W and AMOS-5 located at 17°E.


It provides high- quality broadcast and communications
services in Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. East Coast and Africa.


Last year, RRsat Global Communications Network, a provider of content management and global
distribution services to the television and radio broadcasting industries,
signed an agreement with Spacecom for monitoring, backup and disaster recovery


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