Spirent adds Robust PNT Test Framework to evaluate security issues

Spirent Debuts Practical PNT Framework
Telecom network testing firm Spirent Communications has launched its Robust PNT Test Framework that evaluates GPS and GNSS security vulnerabilities for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems.

Spirent is offering the Robust PNT Test Framework targeting technology, system and application developers where PNT is critical.
GNSS Interference Detector System
The wireless testing vendor claims that its framework can detect threats in the field. Spirent’s threat intelligence library of actual and typical threats provides a range of GNSS segment errors, spoofing attacks as well as space weather and other vulnerabilities for preventive troubleshooting.

“Spirent wants to move beyond talking about the increase of GNSS vulnerabilities and offer a pragmatic approach to enable informed decision making when it comes to evaluating the impact of vulnerabilities,” said John Pottle, marketing director of Spirent’s Positioning Technology Division.

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