T-Mobile myTouch Smartphones leverage Nuance technology

Telecom Lead America: Nuance Communication has powered
the new Genius Search feature on the T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q smartphones
with Dragon voice and natural language understanding technologies.

Genius Search feature can be accessed through T-Mobile’s
voice-enabled Genius Button, that allows people simply speak to get instant and
direct access to information and mobile content from over 200 content


The Genius Button already provides people with one-shot
voice-enabled access to calls, text messaging, email, and navigation.

Andrew Morrison, vice president of product management at
T-Mobile USA said that the Genius Button on T-Mobile’s myTouch smartphone
lineup was among the first to show how powerful a deeply-integrated one-shot
voice interface is for an easy to learn and easy to use mobile experience.


Both Genius Button and Genius Search are powered by
Nuance’s hybrid mobile platform that takes advantage of information and content
on the device and in the cloud.


Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general
manager at Nuance Mobile said T-Mobile’s Genius Search combines the power of
Dragon and Nuance’s innovative natural language understanding to give instant,
direct access to content from over 200 providers.


With the addition of Genius Search, people now have an
even more intelligent and intuitive way to find the content and information
they want on the mobile web.


Genius Search delivers results from the content
providers, including AccuWeather, Ask.com, Bing, Dictionary.com, ESPN, Expedia,
Facebook, Fandango, Last.fm, LiveNation, Milo.com, OpenTable, and Pandora
internet radio, Rotten Tomatoes, Spotify, Twitter, Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha,
Yelp, YouTube, Yahoo! and many others.


Nuance Communications launches virtual assistant for mobile
customer service apps


Recently, Nuance Communications launched Nina, a virtual
assistant for mobile customer service apps.


Nina enables companies to add speech-based virtual
assistant capabilities to their existing iOS and Android mobile apps.


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