Tektronix expands HDMI test solution portfolio

Tektronix has expanded its HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) test solution portfolio and will demonstrate wireless system in collaboration with IEMN.

Tektronix has added advanced analysis and characterization support for HDMI 2.0 receiver testing and expanded its HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) test solution portfolio.

The new HDMXpress delivers HDMI test pattern generation, auto-calibration and margin testing which eliminate the needs for manual pattern creation.

The company said HDMXpress will deliver improved productivity and testing efficiency by enabling new testing strategies around receiver tests.

Additionally, with HDMXpress users can generate their own receiver test patterns quickly and easily.

The tool interfaces with the TekExpress HDM application hosted on DPO70000 series Tektronix oscilloscopes and provides support for closed-loop calibration for the critical sink jitter tolerance test.

HDMXpress can be hosted on both AWG7000 and AWG70000 series arbitrary waveform generators. The price of HDMXpress available for HDMI 2.0 for $10,000.

Tektronix booth image

Meanwhile, Tektronix and IEMN will together demonstrate wireless system which is capable of transmitting data at 400GHz using advanced signal coding (up to QAM-16) and key advanced THz devices.

The demonstration involved sending 32 Gbit/s signals over distances of 25 m and will provide the basis for future THz communications applications.

Also, the demonstration showcases the future and advances made toward operational wireless links with THz frequencies and optical-equivalent data rates.

The company said COM’TONIQ French national project was responsible and helped in demonstration of the new system to accomplish which also involved five partners coordinated by IEMN.