Tektronix launches network-based lab instrument solution

Tektronix has launched network-based lab instrument management solution for setting up and managing basic electronics engineering laboratories at colleges and universities.

The new TekSmartLab solution supports managing up to 400 instruments (100 test benches) on a single platform, said Tektronix.

Using instruments’ existing USB ports and the new Tektronix network adaptor, the instruments on each bench can be connected to the network wirelessly or via Ethernet. Tektronix said TekSmartLab enables network connectivity on previously unconnected instruments, while giving professors the software tools to manage classrooms.

Tektronix TSL3000B

Michael Ewald, general manager, Bench Products, at Tektronix, said: “TekSmartLab eliminates many repetitive manual tasks, saving valuable class time.”

Main features such as batch instrument configuration, remote auto-set disable, centralized status monitoring and wireless retrieval of test results via smartphones allow professors and students to focus on learning and not shuffling paper or configuring their tools.

The TekSmartLab software runs on a standard PC and sets up quickly without requiring any special skills in network administration or special instrument configuration. From a central dashboard, professors can load instrument configurations associated with different course requirements and distribute these to up to 400 instruments with a single mouse click.

Educators can also check individual instruments’ status and measurement contents, for instance, in order to help students on a specific test bench remotely. Instead of using a USB thumb drive to connect to an oscilloscope, students can now retrieve test results wirelessly after scanning a work station specific QR code with their smartphones.

TekSmartLab automatically records and displays asset information, providing administrators with better information for classroom scheduling or making decisions on energy consumption and lab equipment investments.