Telecom analytics co Subex revenue, EBITDA and profit

Telecom analytics company Subex announced its revenue, EBITDA and profit for the second quarter ended September 30, 2018.
Subex analytics for telecomsSubex reported revenue of INR 88.06 crore (+9 percent), EBITDA of INR 15.19 crore and net profit of INR 6.31 crore in Q2 fiscal 2018-19. The company said its EBITDA and net profit almost doubled in Q2 fiscal 2018-19 as compared with the same period in the previous fiscal.

Town of Florence, Arizona, USA has selected Subex to secure critical public infrastructure. Subex will also assist Florence for its smart cities project as the cybersecurity partner for all projects coming under the plan.

Subex recently launched new products such as SIP Security, Machine Learning infused Fraud Management solutions (SIM Box and IRSF), and Analytics Center of Trust (ACT).

Recently, Subex appointed Shankar Roddam as chief operating officer. Previously, Shankar worked with Subex for 10 years where he was part of the executive team in the capacity of head – Emerging Markets and played a key role in establishing and setting up the Sales and Channel network in emerging markets. Shankar returns to the company for a second stint from Plivo.

“We closed a number of new marquee customer wins and witnessed good traction from the APAC, MENA, and Africa markets,” Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO, Subex, said in a statement.

Subex, which has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India, is focussing on hiring and deploying training programs to upskill current employees.