TELUS, Orange join forces to provide remote monitoring solutions

Telecom Lead America: TELUS Health Solutions and Orange have teamed up to develop innovative remote
monitoring solutions for patients with chronic diseases.


Both companies worked on the Calydial solution, a pilot
that remotely monitored patients with kidney disease, in collaboration with
Grenoble University Hospital, Calydial dialysis centers of Lyon,
France and AGDUC health center in Grenoble, France.


TELUS is a Canadian leader in telehealth and
telemedicine with more than 10,000 patients using our remote patient monitoring
technology to manage their chronic condition from the safety and comfort of
their own home,” said Kasra Moozar, vice president, TELUS Health


The Calydial solution uses the TELUS RPM solution, a
network-centric, multi-function application that allows patients with
conditions that require daily monitoring to coordinate with their healthcare
providers from home.


As the technical lead, Orange worked with Calydial, AGDUC
and the Grenoble University Hospital to define, deploy and test the solution.


Orange identified the potential of telemedicine early on
and has been at the forefront of its development ever since. Telemedicine has
the power to transform the way that healthcare is delivered, and we recognize
that partnerships with best-in-class solutions providers are essential to our
goals to establish Orange as a global leader in the innovation, development and
deployment of eHealth solutions,” said Thierry Zylberberg, executive vice
president, Orange Healthcare.


The agreement between both companies complements their
mutual objectives to develop telemedicine technology and applications that help
to improve the quality of patient care, reduce system costs and provide
healthcare teams.


TELUS deploys DigitalRoute MediationZone product


Recently, TELUS deployed MediationZone product of
DigitalRoute, a provider of mediation solutions.


TELUS set out to replace its existing mediation platforms
in order to reduce costs for processing usage data across the company’s
multiple business support systems (BSS).


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