TRAI seeks telecom industry views spectrum allocation for short range communication technologies

Indian telecom regulator TRAI has floated a consultation
paper seeking views of the industry on spectrum allocation for short-range
communication technologies used for residential and enterprise intra-telecommunication
or in limited areas where cellular network is not available.

The telecom regulator has sought industry’s view on whether Cordless
Telecommunications System (CTS) technologies can co-exist with the existing
cellular systems.

Unlike the landscape of India’s telecom network, market growth has not been
observed in residential and enterprise intra-telecommunication or (CTS) in the
country due to limited wireless options available, according to a TRAI note.

“For intra-telecommunication requirements for residential and enterprises,
wireless platform is the most widely used solution which also complements
wireline networking solutions. This consultation paper discusses the issues of
current allocation of spectrum for CTS,” the statement said.

Majority of solution used in CTS is in 2.4 Ghz spectrum. This spectrum band is
also used to operate wireless Local Area Network for computing devices.

The TRAI consultation paper will discuss the issues of current allocation of
spectrum for CTS, requirement for identification of additional band of spectrum
and the possibility of delicensing of 1800-1900 or 1910-1920 MHz band for low
power CTS applications.

At present, some mobile players have been allocated certain amount of spectrum
in 1800 Mhz for 2G service and 1900 Mhz for 3G services.

TRAI has asked stakeholders to provide their written comments on the issues
raised in the consultation paper by January 31 and counter-comments on the
comments by February 10, 2012.

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