Transition Networks’ MEF-Certification on network devices bolsters expansion in Europe


Transition Networks, a fiber access technology provider,
announced that the MEF certified S3240, along
with the other members of the ION suite of NIDs, will now be offered to help
European telecoms and cable providers generate and preserve increased revenues
when delivering Ethernet services.


Transition Networks continues to develop quality
products for service providers that enable them to deliver Ethernet services
for business and mobile backhaul applications within a reliable environment. These
latest certifications prove our commitment to Carrier Ethernet and leading
organizations like the MEF,” said Dirk Steinkampf, director of EMEA Sales and
Operations, Transition Networks.


We believe the ION portfolio of NIDS will be
instrumental in driving our expansion in Europe as more and more operators in
the region transition to next generation Carrier Ethernet networks to exploit
the improved cost, bandwidth, manageability and availability that the
technology delivers. Interoperability, as verified by MEF-certification, is a
critical consideration in this market space,” added Steinkampf.


Designed for business Ethernet and mobile backhaul
applications, the ION NIDs have been certified compliant to MEF 9, MEF 14 and
MEF 21 requirements. The compliance tests and certification process were
performed by Iometrix, a leading independent testing lab, on behalf of the MEF.


The MEF Carrier Ethernet Certification Program is designed
to ensure that global equipment and services comply with MEF standards and pave
the way for interoperability. MEF 9 and MEF 14 equipment certifications ensure
delivery of compliant, high performance Carrier Ethernet services at the User
Network Interface (UNI).


MEF 9 verifies service delivery and functionality. MEF 9
consists of 244 test cases which cover the Ethernet Physical Interface, UNI
Attributes, Service Frame Delivery and VLAN Tag support.


MEF 14 verifies service performance and bandwidth profiles.
MEF 14 consists of 170 test cases which cover Service Performance, Bandwidth
Profiles and Bandwidth Rate Enforcement. MEF 21 certifies Link OAM functions of
the MEF UNI Type 2.


MEF 21 is based on IEEE 802.3-2005 Clause 57 and is key
for large scale automated management of Carrier Ethernet service links. MEF 21
consists of 371 test cases which cover OAM Discovery, OAM PDUs and OAM TLVs.


Recently, Transition Networks announced
jointly with EATEL, an independent Telco located in south Louisiana, that its
latest Network Interface Devices (NIDs) are now fully operational at some of
the first commercial 4G mobile cell towers in Louisiana.


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