TringMe: to announce a product that includes next generation MobileVoIP client for Android and Windows Phone 7

TringMe today is a
global player that has challenged the likes of Skype, with its unified APIs.
Taking traditional VoIP telephony to the next level, Yusuf Motiwala,
founder & CEO of TringMe 
elaborates on how mobile VoIP and
VoicePHP is taking Internet calling to the next level.


TringMe is a ‘made in
India’ telecom product company. How does it work?


TringMe is a voice
technology company that provides a complete platform to build ‘ voice and
telephony applications’. TringMe provides a platform that in turn provides a
completely voice-enabled site without any voice or telecom expertise needed.
This platform is integrated free of cost and works on a pay-as-you-go model for
telephony services.


The platform radically
simplifies ‘integrating voice’ in any application or market segment. Apart from
the platform itself, TringMe provides all the tools and services to utilize the
platform capabilities in mobile and web applications. We have partnered with
worldwide design partners who know the TringMe technology and can help you
integrate further. TringMe is considered to be a path breaker in the Voice 2.0
world, and also has the distinction of being the first company to demonstrate
Flash-based telephony, a big milestone in Internet telephony.


How is TringMe different
from Skype?


Skype has been a big
revolution to make Internet calls common-place. It definitely has changed the
way a common man perceives VoIP calls. Having said that, Skype isn’t a unified
communication technology as TringMe is. TringMe takes the experience of making
calls to the next level – nothing to download or install, just login and place
calls. Calls can be made to phone numbers, email addresses and across various
commonly used messengers (e.g. Google Talk).  This is exactly where
TringMe offers superior and well-integrated platform.


TringMe also has exposed
well defined APIs (Application Programming Interface) that have allowed one to
build interesting applications around it. TringMe’s platform is serving
millions of customers, including Skype customers today.


How has the acceptance
been so far?


TringMe is a global
player and is not limited by any geographical boundaries. We have clients all
around the world. We currently handle over 42 million calls every month. Our
carrier grade infrastructure is deployed in a few places around the world not
only to provide geographical redundancies, but also to efficiently handle the
millions of calls with high quality voice and optimum performance. Clients use
TringMe’s service to power their applications –  voice-conferencing
companies, social networking sites use it to voice enable their websites –  this adds a lot more variety to the call patterns and geographical


What are the some of the
challenges faced and how have they been overcome?


In the early days of
TringMe, breaking the inertia of traditional telephony and convincing
individuals and companies about the new way of unifying communication had its
own challenges, especially from a new company like TringMe. On the way, we made
some staunch supporters and early customers who had stuck by us for this long.


TringMe, VoicePHP is
compared with the best in the world and we’ve seen that our success story
hasn’t gone unnoticed. For e.g. after our successful demonstration of Flash
telephony, few others copied the concept and tried it.


But now this success has
posed a different set of challenges; TringMe has over 11 million people
globally using its services, managing and responding to the customers who come
from different parts of the world has been challenging, but our support team
does a adept in managing them.


What is TringMe’s future
plans in India and globally?


MobileVoIP and VoicePHP
has been making a lot of inroads and we have started seeing interesting
applications being developed on it. TringMe has interesting developments
underway that would add more value to the overall portfolio that it offers.
Today there are six billion people and the number will increase to 50 billion
in the next 10 years, but the telecom spectrum is not growing and will remain
the same.


TringMe has placed
itself on right technology (IP cloud) at the right time for a substantial
growth path. We will soon be announcing a very interesting product offering
that includes our next generation MobileVoIP client for Android & Windows
Phone 7. The ability to innovate at TringMe has been in the forefront till now
and will continue to be at the core of offerings of the future.


Beryl M