tweetTV launches web-based interactive social TV guide


Austin based startup tweetTV has launched a beta version of
its web-based interactive social TV guide that combines a real-time TV
discovery tool and social media platform to help its users discover what to
watch on TV at any given time and connect
with thousands of others watching the same program.

tweetTV‘s Founder Bradley Markham said, With the tweetTV social TV
guide you don’t have to scroll through the channels on your TV wondering “What in the world are people watching right now?”

The localized TV guide ranks TV programs any US-based user can be watching on his or her TV in the
order of real-time popularity, instead of by time slots like traditional TV
guides and helps the user see what’s trending on TV.

It does this by monitoring Twitter for tweets pertaining to
TV programs and then measuring what it calls a -tweet rate,’ or the number of
tweets per hour pertaining to each show.

“We are really excited about this launch.
tweetTV’s social TV guide gives an accurate portrayal of what people
are watching on TV at any time and helps users engage with other TV viewers
with similar interests. We have a search feature where users can find TV shows
to watch by seeing which shows are most popular right now within any genre or
network or combination thereof. Not only does tweetTV empower TV viewers, but
we think this creates an opportunity for networks and brands to engage with
their social audience in a very direct way,” Markham added.

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