Unimax unveils PBX and voicemail reporting dashboard

By Telecom Lead Team: Unimax Systems, a provider of telecom
management tools, has launched Spotlight, a PBX and voicemail reporting


Spotlight is a
web-based telecom dashboard that presents interactive charts, graphs, and
reports from PBX, voicemail, and directory systems across both single and
multi-vendor telecom environments.


Spotlight is
compatible with systems from Avaya/Nortel, Cisco, AVST, and Microsoft and
priced at $4,500.


“One of
Spotlight’s strengths is that it delivers a level of functionality and visibility
that goes beyond what is available in the reporting tools provided by PBX and
voicemail equipment vendors,” said Phil Moen, Unimax
President and CEO.

The company said that
Spotlight allow users to view critical telecom administration data and empowers
telecom administrators, managers, and directors to make better strategic and
tactical decisions about their telecom environment.

“Spotlight pulls
its information from a powerful, integrated database that unifies critical
telecom administration data from PBX, voicemail, and directory systems. This
database holds the data from thousands of voice system attributes,” said Teresa
Dixon, director of product management of Unimax.

The company claimed
that Spotlight’s ability to create Exception Reports is USP, as these reports
enable a telecom or IT department to identify data that is not normal or falls
outside of defined parameters. For example, a telecom manager can easily
generate a report indicating which executive level phones have incorrect
profile settings.

Spotlight transforms
otherwise static PBX, voicemail, and directory data into stunning, interactive
visualizations that can be viewed, analyzed, and shared. It is a platform independent,
web-based solution.

The company said that
-Spotlight’ can be easily configured on a per user basis to display whichever
attributes are required for a specific decision or need.


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