Vera Networks launches vCaptureSM service to enable VoIP operators to solve call issues

Telecom Lead America: Vera Networks has launched its
vCaptureSM service that enables VoIP operators and platforms to locate and
resolve call issues.

The vCaptureSM service enables technical teams to target
call issue-related session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling data with
laser-point accuracy without being in critically sensitive areas of the network

The cloud-based, SIP signal capture technology records
all SIP messaging within a switching network. This allows for in-depth analysis
of session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling data, including call flow,
signaling, and equipment-related problems.

Vera Networks is offering the cloud-based solution on a
monthly subscription basis. The solution is capable of reducing the time
required to determine the root cause of most VoIP call and interop-related

Moreover, it assists VoIP network operators to improve
customer response times, resource utilization, and reducing related operational
expenses. Other features include an intuitive interface and protocol-aware
searching and filtering capabilities.

vCaptureSM is essential for anyone operating a Voice
Over IP platform in today’s business environment. It fits seamlessly into any
network architecture, whether you are a carrier, service provider, or an
enterprise business,” said Christopher Bradish, CEO at Vera Networks.

Vera’s vCaptureSM service is the first cloud-based SIP
capture solution and is capable of storing massive amounts of SIP signaling
data, which then allows for retrieval of actual call information long after an
event occurred.

Other call analysis products on the market are typically
intrusive, introducing additional points of failure into a network and
potentially affecting network performance. Also, these other solutions can cost
several hundred thousand dollars, while vCaptureSM is a fraction of the price,”
said Vera Networks CTO Brian Stone.

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