Verizon presents 2 GB prepaid plan for $40 per month

verizon-technology-for-data-plans-in-usAmerican telecom operator Verizon Wireless today said it will price the new 2 GB prepaid plan at $40 per month ensuring data connectivity for the full month.

Earlier, Verizon stunned the US wireless industry by bringing back its unlimited plan after a gap of nearly 5 years. Verizon competes with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile for supremacy in the US wireless market.

The new prepaid plan from Verizon will also offer unlimited international text from the U.S. to more than 200 countries. Wireless customers can also carry over any unused high speed data to the next month.

Verizon is already offering 5 GB for $50 and 10 GB for $70 for Verizon’s prepaid customers in the US – with Always-On Data, international text to over 200 countries and CarryOver data with on-time payment. Verizon also offers $30 basic phone plan with unlimited talk and text.

Verizon customers need to be happy with 128 kbps speeds after consuming high-speed mobile data for the rest of the month. Verizon customers will not get best consumer experience from streaming audio or video when they use 128 kbps.

“Verizon is bolstering its prepaid plans with a new data bucket — making it simpler for prepaid customers to enjoy the benefits of the best network,” said Ron Zanders, director of prepaid for Verizon, in a statement. Verizon has 114.2 million retail connections.