ViXS shipping multi-stream HD network transcoding media processing solution


By Telecom Lead Team: ViXS, a multimedia solutions provider, announced that the
company is shipping multi-stream High Definition (HD) Network Transcoding Media
Processing Solution.


The XCode 5100 family is the smart network
multimedia processor of choice for delivering the Connected Digital Home


“With the support of manufacturers seeking to
address the ever-increasing demand for multiple streams of video within the
home, the XCode 5100 family has gained significant traction globally since its
launch. The XCode 5100 family, deployed with pioneering patented and
proprietary technology, has truly set a new standard with its ability to
process and transcode multiple HD streams, and to do multiple concurrent operations
on each of those streams,” said Sally Daub, president and CEO of


XCode network media processors, now extending to the
new XCode 5100 family which includes the 5106, 5115, 5190, 5191 5195, and 5196,
have been designed into headed gateways, advanced Set-top boxes, headless
gateways, residential gateways, and standalone media gateways.


The XCode family is powered with Xtensiv software. With
the applications hosting capabilities, it is highly adaptable and suited to the
functional requirements of its challenging target markets.


The XCode family features high level of concurrency,
allowing customers to enable whole home DVR; place-shifting; and content
consumption on iPAD and other smart phone tablet devices.


The family offers ultra low latency for wireless and
streaming applications within the home. In addition, the advanced security
processor architecture enables security for leading digital rights management
providers (DRM), Conditional Access providers (CA), and leading broadcast


It supports concurrent full HD 1080p 60/50 encoding with
transcoding and possesses a dedicated TCP/IP Processor Engine, which supports
Dual Gigabit Ethernet for high network performance.


Last year,
ViXS Systems partnered with Ontario, Canada to develop an energy-efficient
network media processor that will help power multimedia platforms.


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