WAN acceleration the frontrunner in APAC WAN optimization space

The WAN optimization market in APAC accelerated its
growth momentum in 2010, as the market grew by a robust 19.9 percent on a YoY
basis, shaking off the sluggish growth rate which it recorded in 2009.

With business expansion back on track, enterprises were
also looking to ramp up their existing IT infrastructure, so as to cope with
the anticipated business growth coming their way. In 2010, many enterprises
were observed to begin reinvesting in the WAN optimization segment.

The growing reliance on IT to drive business processes also meant that
enterprises were forced to look at ways to eliminate inefficiencies in their
corporate networks, particularly with network lags and application latency
becoming more prevalent issues.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific WAN Optimization Controller
Market 2010, finds that the market earned revenues of US$334.8 million in CY
2010 and estimates this to reach US$967.3 million in 2017.

The highly disparate levels of bandwidth availability provided across the APAC
region meant that many enterprises were looking at WAN acceleration technology
to deliver more equitable levels of performance across their networks,” said
Cathy Huang, industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan

As adoption of WAN optimization is still in a relatively early stage across
markets in APAC, the market is expected to hit a healthy CAGR of 16.4 per cent
from 2010 to 2017.

With WAN acceleration having introduced a new lease of life into the WAN
optimization arena, the technology segment was undoubtedly riding high in the
mindshare of enterprises in APAC.

The year 2010 saw WAN acceleration continue to expand
their market share in the WAN optimization market, as enterprise demand for WAN
management solutions continued to depreciate. Compared to WAN acceleration, WAN
management solutions were being viewed as secondary priority among enterprises.

Corporate gravitation toward WAN acceleration was also influenced by the rapid
expansion and rising importance of branch offices in the APAC arena, which
drove adoption of the symmetrical devices in datacenter-to-branch setups.

Going forward, bandwidth infrastructure is expected to improve rapidly in APAC.
This will rev up the importance and relevance of WAN management in optimizing
network performance levels.

The future of WAN optimization is likely to witness a growing shift towards WAN
management, with enterprises looking at greater convergence between the two
sets of capabilities.

The ability to provide visibility into application
traffic before accelerating them is also viewed as an approach which balances
the need for faster performance with that of security, especially in the face
of growing enterprise concerns relating to the integrity of their corporate


By Telecomlead.com Team

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