Wavelink showcases voice integration with Oracle warehouse management

Wavelink announced that the company will demonstrate
Wavelink Speakeasy and showcase its advancements and the future of voice at
Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this week.

With Wavelink Speakeasy, companies can voice-enable
Oracle’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) with a client-side voice solution
for mobile devices, and improve warehouse speed and efficiency with increased
picking and data accuracy.

Wavelink Speakeasy requires no changes to back-end
warehouse management systems, no new voice servers or new voice specific
devices, and no recurring costs of managing voice profiles and new servers.

Unlike legacy voice solutions, Speakeasy is multi-modal
and can use a combination of voice, barcode scanning and keyboard entry
allowing employees to continue their work without interruption if a voice
server goes down. In addition, voice applications can be easily edited,
supplemented and deployed.

“With Speakeasy, customers don’t need to worry about
acquiring voice-specific mobile devices or expensive hardware; users can easily
add voice to their existing applications without all the hurdles and additional
costs that have hindered the adoption of legacy voice solutions,” said Jay
Cichosz, vice president of marketing for Wavelink.

Speakeasy provides end users with flexibility on their
mobile devices that goes beyond system integration. Any user can pick up any
voice-capable mobile device with the Speakeasy client and utilize the voice
features in their choice of multiple languages.

The speech engine can adapt to specific voice and speech
patterns as well as noisy environments. This improves the accuracy of the voice
recognition and still maintains the user flexibility to operate any mobile

The addition of Speakeasy monitoring and diagnostics
tools enables users to easily calibrate the speech recognition engine for their
particular hardware and environment. A real-time speech confidence level viewer
lets users diagnose the cause of inaccuracies in recognition, and a speech
status indicator ensures users are speaking when the speech engine is

Wavelink recently announced the availability of a new version
of its mobile device management and wireless infrastructure management

Wavelink Avalanche 5.2 provides a comprehensive,
vendor-agnostic management solution for the wireless enterprise with
enhancements to the feature set and even deeper support for multi-tenancy to
support hosted solutions including software-as-a-service (SaaS) and managed

By Telecomlead.com Team
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