Wireless Packet Core market revenues increased 8% in second quarter of 2012

Telecom Lead India: Wireless Packet Core market revenues
increased eight percent over the last year during the second quarter of 2012.


The Evolved Packet Core segment of the market propelled
the sales as service providers accelerated the deployment of Long Term
Evolution (LTE) networks.


ZTE revenue share increased over five share-points versus
the prior quarter.


Average Selling Prices increased sequentially for the
first time since 4Q10.


Cisco Systems leads in revenue share of the Evolved
Packet Core segment.


Chris DePuy, analyst of Wireless Packet Core at Dell’Oro
Group, said service Providers are increasing LTE network capacity ahead of a
dramatic expansion in the number of LTE-capable smartphones that will be
available later in 2012. 


Fourteen percent of wireless packet core spending was
related to evolved packet core equipment spending that provides signaling
management, classifies wireless data traffic and ties to billing systems of LTE


For the first time ever, the Traditional Packet Core
segment, which is tied mainly to 3G wireless networks, experienced a
year-over-year decline in revenues.