XO Communications introduces Concentric Cloud Solutions

Telecom Lead America: XO Communications, a provider of
broadband communications services and solutions in the U.S has launched
Concentric Cloud Solutions.


The company said that these solutions are designed to
help customers quickly and cost-effectively deploy and manage infrastructure
and services they need, in order to accelerate performance without significant
capital expenditures.


“Concentric Cloud Solutions represents the next step
for XO Communications’ cloud services strategy. Through our own technology and
the partnerships we have established, Concentric Cloud Solutions offers
customers best-of-breed cloud-based solutions for their mission-critical
virtualized environments, web site acceleration and interactive voice
needs,” said Mike Toplisek, president of Concentric Cloud Solutions.


The new Cloud Solutions offers new cloud computing,
content acceleration, and cloud voice solutions for businesses.


Concentric Cloud Solutions uses its
own cloud-based technology, technology from partners including Limelight
Networks, LiveOps, and VCE, and the XO nationwide network to offer
customers cloud computing, content acceleration, and cloud voice services.


Concentric Cloud Solutions services are available through
an on-demand model to support the rapid deployment of virtualized environments
and services.


These services offer scalable platforms that easily adapt
to changing customer needs, enabling businesses to use resources more
efficiently, while reducing capital and operating costs.


The services include Enterprise Cloud, Managed Services,
Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery and Cloud Hosting.


Concentric content acceleration services enable businesses
to accelerate the delivery of digital media, online content, and mobile and
web-based applications with the help of features such as Content Caching,
Application Acceleration and Video Streaming.


XO Communications reduces customer churn rate by 50%
using IBM Business Analytics

Last year, IBM announced that XO Communications reduced
its customer churn rates by nearly 50 percent, largely through the use of IBM
predictive analytics software.


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