Alcatel-Lucent to power Telenor digital content store in Serbia

Telecom Lead Europe: Mobile operator Telenor, in
association with Alcatel-Lucent, will launch digital content store in Serbia.

Telenor mobile users will have access to personalized
digital media services such as music, applications, games, e-books and video.


Telenor claims that its subscribers in Serbia are the first
to find the content they want most in a single, localized storefront that knows
who they are and what they like.

Alcatel-Lucent said its Digital Media Store (DMS) enables
Telenor to provide services and content from a cloud-based entertainment hub.
DMS provides Telenor subscribers with a one-stop shop where they can discover,
acquire and use any content, across all their connected devices including PCs,
feature phones, smartphones and tablets.

The cloud-based DMS enables Telenor to quickly launch
storefronts without deploying local operating platforms, and with minimal
adjustments can expand the service to other countries.

Telenor will be in a position to rapidly launch advanced
multi-content services in its business units at a lower cost, and provides them
with flexibility in content partnerships as it becomes easy to extend content
distribution agreements to new markets.

“We chose Alcatel-Lucent’s managed and cloud-based
solution in order to make it easy for all Telenor business units to deploy and
operate a localized store while best leveraging Telenor’s scale. It was
particularly important to have a flexible solution which caters for all content
categories and device types including feature phones,”¬Ě said Kristin Skogen
Lund, EVP and Head of Telenor Digital Services.

Telenor will deploy the DMS solution on a country by country
basis from the beginning of 2012 onwards.

The tie up with Alcatel-Lucent will provide Telenor with
support in three areas: deployment and platform hosting, content operations and
management and content sourcing and merchandising.

“Every country has a different consumer environment,
and Telenor has a particularly diverse subscriber base. The flexibility and
adaptability of our DMS solution therefore made it a good fit for Telenor which
is looking to meet the individual needs of subscribers in both developed as
well as fast-growing markets across Europe and Asia,” said Adolfo
Hernandez, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Software, Services & Solutions

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