Deutsche Telekom expands Evernote app to 12 new markets in Europe

Deutsche Telekom said Evernote app will be available in 12 new markets — Albania, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

This is in addition to Germany.

Deutsche Telekom rolled out the app in 2013 in Germany. Evernote currently has over 4 million users in Europe.

Evernote app enables customers to take notes, clip web pages, snap articles, create to-do lists and record audio using their mobile phones.

Deutsche Telekom customers who activate from now until October 2, 2014 can redeem six months of Evernote Premium by downloading via online app stores or by purchasing a new Android device that already has the application preloaded.
Deutsche Telekom expands Evernote app to 12 new markets in Europe
Its customers will benefit from advanced features like an increased 1 GB monthly upload capacity, off-line notebook usage and accelerated picture recognition. The Premium feature set also includes Document Search, which allows users to search documents, presentations and spreadsheets within their Evernote Notebooks, and also Reminders, which ensure users to stay on track with all of their personal and professional projects.

The app will be pre-installed on Android in portfolio handsets over the course of the first quarter of 2014 in 11 markets, with the Austrian market to follow early in the second quarter. Local language versions are already available in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania, with the English language version of Evernote available for the remaining markets.

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