flaik in pact with Orange Business to expand GPS-based locator system

Telecom Lead America: Location-based services company
flaik has tied up with Orange Business Services to expand its GPS-based locator
system to international markets.

Orange Business’ M2M solutions enable flaik to extend its
tracking system to ski resorts outside North America.

Orange offers M2M wireless connectivity that can support
flaik’s tracking systems anywhere in the world.

Orange is supporting flaik’s tracking system in eight
countries including Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,
Switzerland and Turkey.

flaik will soon roll out the solution in additional
countries throughout Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific.

flaik Tags embedded with Orange SIM cards act as a safety
device as well as an innovative personal tracker. Data recorded by the flaik
Tags is transmitted over the Orange network and is accessible through a
Web-based portal via the Internet or a wireless connection. The location of
skiers can be monitored anywhere on the mountain in real-time, which is an
invaluable resource for tracking student skiers and finding lost skiers. The
system is also an innovative way to chart personal performance on the slopes.
Skiers can track where they skied, how long they spent on each run, the
difficulty of each trail and their average top speeds.

Only Orange offered the global M2M connectivity with the
scale, scope and security that we require. We can now expand beyond our North
American roots and offer our services globally. With help from Orange, we are
now rapidly expanding on one million plus skiers that we’ve tracked since our
launch at Steamboat Resort and Copper Mountain in 2009,” said flaik CEO Steve

The Orange network provides reliability for tracking the
location of skiers and monitoring their progress on the slopes. Through Orange
and its international M2M Center located in Brussels, flaik has a single,
dedicated entity for managing its global M2M connectivity requirements, along
with local implementation of the SIM cards and local contract negotiation

flaik will rely on the Orange service to propel its
tracking system into its other international core markets, such as cycling and
mountain biking. In addition to international ski resorts, flaik is already
supplying its GPS tracking systems to the North Shore Overlord GPS Mountain
Bike Race in Canada and other one-of-a-kind specialty events, such as charity

Orange Business Services is unsurpassed in providing
comprehensive M2M with quality of service and a large global footprint. It is
these qualities that are appealing to a growing array of U.S companies who lack
the resources to reach international markets. We are proud to help flaik
achieve the full potential of its business,” said Diana Einterz, senior vice
president, Americas, Orange Business Services.

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