Gemalto and Orange extend NFC pact with rollout of Poland’s mobile contactless program


Gemalto, a global provider of digital security, announced
that PTK Centertel, an Orange group affiliate, is deploying the largest NFC
program in Poland, with a commercial offer targeting several thousand users.
This new initiative reinforces Gemalto’s active role in Orange Group’s NFC
expansion strategy with deployments already in the U.K., France and now Poland.


This program, the first commercial NFC pilot in the
country, brings PTK Centertel’s customers the convenience of using their mobile
phone to securely pay for goods and services at a wave of their handset.
Consumers will benefit from Poland’s well established contactless infrastructure
of approximately 35,000 acceptance points, notably in fast food restaurants,
cinemas, supermarkets and numerous retailers.


Gemalto provided an end-to-end solution
that includes NFC software and user interface applications securely embedded on an NFC SIM, and
the Trusted Service Management (TSM) services. PTK Centertel and its partnering
bank have entrusted Gemalto with the operation of the TSM platform, to securely
personalize and manage the payment application in the device over the air.


With already a number of large-scale rollouts around the
world, Gemalto is definitely the trusted reference for mobile NFC
implementation,” said Krzysztof Sieczkowski, Product and Content Development
director, PTK Centertel.


We need a complete solution to speed up our
time-to-market, and leverage the strong contactless payment network already
existing in Poland to make our consumer the first to benefit from the NFC
experience,” Sieczkowski added.


Gemalto is committed to assisting Orange Group with its
NFC strategy with best-in-class technology and services for mobile contactless
payments,” added Jean-Claude Deturche, senior vice-president of mobile
financial solutions at Gemalto.


We have proven our success in France and the UK, and in
Poland too our expertise in interconnecting all players in the NFC ecosystem –
including the mobile operators, financial institutions and transit companies,
will greatly facilitate the delivery of a superior user experience,” Deturche


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