to launch app platform announced that its app
platform is scheduled to launch on or before December 1, 2011. will display apps that developers and
business owners truly believe in. To provide the best user experience and to
preserve individuality, the site will only allow up to 15 new apps to be
displayed daily.

In addition to a searchable database, users have the
option to receive customized email alerts of their favorite type of app or
specific interest. On any given day, users will be able to discover new apps
that catch the eye.

The platform will showcase apps to people
who may never have thought to search for it. A national marketing reach which
includes television commercials, has been designed that will go well beyond
what an individual or small business could typically achieve on their own.

The apps featured on the platform will receive a unique
marketing approach and system, designed to bring exposure. The
platform will have an intuitive interface designed to be simple to use and will
appeal to broad audience of user.

“The hardest thing about an app is marketing it. You
can have the most amazing app, yet if no one knows about it, then it’s useless.
With hundreds of thousands of apps available for download, the app space is
extremely competitive,” said Rick Singer, CEO of

“We feel our cost effective marketing strategy
coupled with our app platform will help fill this much needed void. We feel we
have the most marketable URLs in and,” Singer

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