Handster teams up with mobile provider MTS in Russia


The Handster AppStore, the world’s largest Android
developer store according to Research2Guidance, has entered an agreement to
expand its presence in Russia.


The app developer and provider will be working with OSJC
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) to provide applications to users of MTS, which is the
largest mobile carrier in Russia.


MTS serves more than 140 million customers in Russia and
enjoys the dominant market share in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus
and Armenia.


The selection of Handster was
announced on August 4 after a competitive bid process. A spokesperson for MTS
stated that Handster’s proposal most closely matched the requirements set forth
in the request for proposals.


“MTS is our top partner in Eastern Europe. This
agreement is an important step in accessing fast-growing markets of Russia and
the nations in the Confederation of Independent States (CIS),” said Victor
Shaburov, CEO of Handster.


The agreement with MTS is especially important in light
of the rapid growth of the Android operating system, which has grown 379


Handster is positioned to serve the nearly 200 million
MTS customers in Russia and the CIS. With more than 35,000 applications,
Handster is the largest Android developer application store, and it also
supports a full catalog of Java, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and WinMo


Additionally, Handster provides aggregated apps to a
number of companies including MTS, Ericsson, and Lucent. It also provides
white-label application stores for partners such as HP and Toshiba.


The company, which prides itself on providing excellent
service, draws from a network of more than 5,000 developers in 57 countries and
has established a reputation as a reliable software distributor of top-quality


Recently MTS, a telecommunications provider
in Russia and the CIS, has selected
Teradata Corporation, to make its customer retention
efforts more effective and more profitable.


Transactional social network analysis and
rapid outreach are now a competitive advantage for MTS as the mobile operator
improves customer retention in the highly competitive Russian mobile
telecommunications market.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]