Mobile fleet management tracking system users to increase to 13.3 million in 2012

Telecom Lead Asia: Global fleet management and trailer
tracking system subscriptions are likely to increase from 13.3 million in 2012
to 30.4 million by 2016.

Several vendors are active in this area.

Recently, Qualcomm Enterprise Services launched mobile
computing platform MCP50 fleet management solution available for $799, as well
as a $19.95 monthly service plan. It aims to bring commercial telematics within
reach of these markets.

The commercial telematics industry is adopting new
technologies, such as SaaS.

With this in mind, Telogis acquired commercial off-board
navigation vendor Maptuit.

Real-time traffic is finding its way into FMS solutions
with MiX Telematics associating with crowd sourced traffic application provider
Waze in South Africa.

TomTom Business Solutions launched dispatch feature based
on shortest travel time and estimated arrival times (ETA), allowing businesses
increased customer service levels.

To tap the convergence trend, TomTom introduced its
WEBFLEET mobile fleet management application on iPad and Android tablets.

ABI Research said insurance telematics in commercial
fleets is gaining momentum with recent announcements from TomTom/Motaquote and
NexTraq/GMAC. This mirrors rising interest levels in UBI in consumer markets.

The commercial telematics market continues to enjoy good
overall growth as smaller fleets and new non-trucking segments such as
delivery, service, and public and private transportation are being addressed by
vendors offering more affordable solutions,” said Dominique Bonte, vice
president and group director, telematics and M2M, ABI Research.

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