Mobile prepaid card company Datacard Group expands into India

Telecom Lead India: Datacard Group, a provider of ID and
card personalization solutions, announced that CardPro Solutions, a supplier of
smart cards, has installed the Datacard MX2000 card issuance system, helping
expand Datacard Group’s growth in the Indian market.

It one of
the largest manufacturers of pre paid cards in the U.S. All large telecom
providers are its clients.

By implementing
the MX2000 card issuance system, CardPro Solutions will be able to offer debit
and credit card personalization capabilities for both smart card
personalization as well as magnetic stripe encoding in their newly opened
bureau in India.

The MX2000
card issuance system is a modular system that supports up to nine various
modules and can personalize up to 1,200 cards per hour.

Group was able to provide a detailed recommendation and proposal that included
their MX2000 system, offering the exact capabilities we required — which was
smart card personalization, optical character recognition (OCR), and encoding
two track magnetic stripe data for our loyalty card application,” said Vikas
Choudhary, managing director of CardPro Solutions.

Group provided CardPro with the MX2000 system including modular capabilities of
OCR scanning, magnetic stripe encoding, smart card personalization, indent
printing, as well as embossing and topping, which enhances readability and the
appearance of the embossed characters.

As a
pioneer in creating highly secure card and credential programs, we continue to
expand our operations worldwide and see the Indian market as a good opportunity
for exponential growth,” said Rajiv Singh, managing director, South Asia for
Datacard Group.

Group also has a subsidiary office operating in Mumbai which offers customers
in the South Asia region local services and support. In addition, the company
offers a Secure Issuance Anywhere platform.

offers smart card technology platforms and partners with smart card reader
suppliers, solution providers, and systems integrators to integrate technology
and provide complete smart card systems.

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