Netxcell launches Video Outbound Dialer

Netxcell announced the launch of Netxcell’s Video
Outbound Dialing (OBD) platform which
will give a new dimension to video messaging.

Netxcell’s Video OBD can be
customized to deliver rich Video content to 3G subscribers enhancing not only
the overall user experience but also making the impact of the content far more
effective in a cost efficient manner.

Telecom operators/enterprise
opting to offer this service can enable their customers and target audience to
innovatively deliver video content be it for information, entertainment, crisis
situation management, market a product, communication of company progress or
updates, shareholder communication, customer relationship management and any
other application to reach out to their customers, shareholders, general public
amongst others.

Netxcell’s Video OBD platform can launch push-campaigns
that use outbound video dialing or pull-campaigns that entice the user to make
a video call to the brand portal.

Netxcell’s Video OBD can also be used by an enterprise or
corporate directly by using PRI line (Primary Rate Interface – a form of ISDN),
which will enable the enterprise to send video messages directly to 3G
subscribers of different operators simultaneously.

Netxcell’s Video OBD is a
one-to-many interactive service on the multimedia platform wherein any
audio-visual content can be sent to an individual or a group of users
simultaneously. The user
can send multiple video clips of to all or a
specified group of 3G users simultaneously on a single platform.

This video message content could be anything from a
customized interactive corporate message to an advertising content. The biggest
benefit of the service however is for the advertisers as real-time customer
data can be tracked, monitored and effectively measured under this service.

Trends indicate that the inclination towards the concept
of video message is gradually increasing and may take over a considerable share
of traditional text messaging due to the appeal of richer content. Netxcell’s
Video OBD is the next generation application that aims to leverage new
technology to deliver an enriching and effective experience to the both parties
i.e. either the end user or the broadcaster,” said Debasis Chatterji, CEO,

In the recent past, Netxcell had launched some of the
most innovative products/platforms for the telecom domain like Cell
Broadcasting Centre which enables the
simultaneous delivery of the broadcast messages to multiple users of mobile
networks and
Single IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform
which is an advanced technology platform that enables corporate, telecom
subscribers and anyone using the system to do away with multiple IVR platforms.

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