Roam Data partners with U.S. Cellular for mCommerce payment solution


ROAM Data, a mCommerce platform provider that extends
both physical POS and eCommerce to the mobile environment, announced an
agreement with U.S. Cellular to bring the enhanced mCommerce features of its
recently announced ROAMpay X to US Cellular’s 6 million customers.


ROAMpay X is a redesigned ROAMpay application that
improves a merchant’s user experience, turning merchants cell phones into
secure POS terminals.


The app boasts new features, such as enhanced graphics,
signature capture, and tip and tax calculations for Android-powered smartphone


“Our partnership with ROAM Data
represents another opportunity to delight our customers by delivering a helpful
tool that enables users to conduct efficient business transactions from their
smartphones,” said Joe Settimi, senior director of Data Strategy and Services
for U.S. Cellular.


Currently, ROAM Data has certified the business-friendly
BlackBerry Curve 2 8530, and the HTC Merge, which runs on the Android platform.
Other devices are under review.


ROAMpay X makes it easier for merchants to accept credit
cards securely on their mobile phones, and the more convenient one can make the
experience, the more revenue merchants will generate,” said Will Graylin, CEO
of ROAM Data.


We see this as the beginning of an exciting relationship
that will drive additional value to mobile merchants using U.S. Cellular
devices. The combination of U.S. Cellular’s dedication to businesses and ROAM
Data’s secure commerce application will undoubtedly be a win-win partnership,”
Graylin added.


ROAM Data recently announced
ROAMpay X, a redesigned mobile card acceptance application that improves the
merchant’s user experience with enhanced graphics and added features for iPhone
and Android touch-screen users.


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