ROK powers mobile TV service for Claro in Honduras


ROK Global, the UK-based mobile and web
technology, applications and services company, has announced that following the
success of its Mobile TV subscription services with America Movil Operators in
Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay,
Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, ROK-powered Mobile TV is now live with Claro
in Honduras.


Offering 10 TV channels covering news,
sports, music and entertainment, the ROK-powered Mobile TV services are
available in 11 America Movil territories for a monthly subscription fee of
between USD $6.00 and $10.00 with daily and weekly payment options also
available to subscribers.


This latest ROK-powered Mobile TV services
will be promoted by Claro to their existing and new subscribers via SMS
broadcast, WAP and web promotions across Honduras.


ROK TV technology is unique as it enables
the streaming of high quality live and on-demand TV to more than 150 compatible
mobile phones over existing mobile networks,” said Jonathan Kendrick, chairman
and CEO of ROK Global


We are delighted with the success of the
ROK-powered Mobile TV services we have provided to America Movil to date and
will continue to deploy similar revenue-generating services to other Mobile
Operators internationally,” Kendrick added.


ROK has pioneered many new technologies in
the rapidly-evolving mobile and web space in addition to high quality
mass-market Mobile TV  to include mobile security technologies which it
licenses to law enforcement agencies and multi-language text-to-speech technologies
as well as the highly innovative ‘JP Selects’ e-commerce portal for
eco-friendly and sustainable brands and products.


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