Saavn music available with carrier billing on Airtel and Vodafone

Saavn, an Indian music streaming service, today announced that carrier billing is available to mobile subscribers of Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone together have over 350 million subscribers in India and South Asia.

Mobile subscribers can pay for access to Saavn Pro, an offline music listening product, without a credit card, and without committing to a subscription. The launch of carrier billing allows to users make easy payments for ad-free, offline access to Saavn’s music library.

Subscribers can purchase Saavn Pro with their prepaid carrier balances or postpaid accounts on Android devices. Saavn Pro allows users to listen to their music offline – regardless of their phone signal or Wi-Fi coverage – and without advertisements.

saavn music

Prepaid users of Saavn Pro have access to the same features and benefits as subscription users of Pro, with their offline content available for listening during paid periods. Offline content is maintained on the prepaid listener’s device and reactivated with payment, streamlining the download process.

“This new billing option enables millions of Saavn Android users to access our premium music experience in a quick and effortless way. Previously, Saavn Pro was available only to credit and debit card account holders,” said Paramdeep Singh, managing director and co-founder of Saavn.

Saavn’s music catalog includes over 1 million Indic tracks for its streaming and radio services.

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