Telefonica O2, Hutchison 3G to explore ways to work with mobile app developers

Top telecom operators Hutchison 3G and Telefonica O2 UK
will explore how Operators can work with mobile app developers effectively.

At the mobile application development strategies event,
they will discuss effective ways to work with mobile app developers.

With the total global mobile applications market forecast
to reach $25 billion in revenue by 2015, it is clear that mobile apps
present a prime and lucrative opportunity for stimulating revenue growth.
Mobile operators need to learn how to leverage their wealth of customer data to
convince mobile app developers to work with them rather than established app

Kare Carlsen, content manager for Hi3G Denmark, has
indicated that operators need to start incorporating apps into their corporate
strategy in order to keep up with their customers. At Mobile Application Development Strategies
Kare will present on this topic and determine whether and how to choose a
development partner or a strategic partner. He will also look at the key
success factors and KPIs to use to measure your mobile application strategy.

Mobile Application Development Strategies will bring
together mobile operators and app developers from across Europe and the Middle
East to discuss how to effectively market and distribute apps to reach the
widest possible audience. Attendees will also discuss how apps can be used as a
differentiator to attract and retain customers.

“An outstanding way to get up to speed with the best
ways to monetise your mobile applications,” said Javier Lorente, head of
Customer User Interface, Telefonica Europe.

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