Vringo launches Facetones app on Mobango

Vringo, a provider of software platforms
for mobile social and video applications, and Mobango, an
independent app store, announced the launch of Vringo’s Facetones app on the
Mobango App Store, which has a major presence in India, the United States, UK
and Indonesia.

Vringo’s Facetones app integrates with
Facebook and generates an automatic, visually exciting slideshow of pictures
and social content each time a user makes or receives a phone call. Facetones
will be offered to Mobango users through the free independent app store as an
ad-supported version. 

We are excited to be working with
Mobango as we continue to expand the global footprint of our Facetones app,”
said Andrew Perlman, president, Vringo.  

As one of the world’s largest
independent app stores, Mobango is well-known as the service to find free
resources and content for all mobile phones, not only smartphones. Mobango
allows users to share apps and content with friends through social networks,
which has allowed viral marketing to work fantastically well,” Perlman added.

Mobango’s Pay per Promoted Downloads
(PPD) platform enables application owners to only pay for the number of
downloads by users, which Mobango believes is five to 20 times more effective
than traditional promotion methods for applications.

Vringo’s Facetones service provides an
innovative way for users to experience mobile social connections. Playing a
unique auto-generated slideshow of a friend’s latest pictures on Facebook when
a user makes or receives calls is a great way to harness the best of mobile
social technology.  We believe the Facetones application will be well-received
by Mobango’s global user-base,” said Badri Sanjeevi, COO at Mobango.  

Vringo’s Facetones product creates an
automated video slideshow using friends’ photos from social media web sites and
then plays this video slideshow each time the user makes or receives a mobile
call. Facetones initially connects with Facebook providing for a significantly
enhanced mobile experience for users of social media. Vringo expects to
integrate Facetones with other social media networks and photo sites in the
near future.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]