Ooredoo at Mobile World Congress 2017

Ooredoo for enterprisesTelecom operator Ooredoo will showcase its advanced communication solutions for both retail and enterprise customers at the World Mobile Congress (MWC 2017) in Barcelona.

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Ooredoo has made investment in its telecom networks to become a leader in the mobile Internet markets across its footprint in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

Following the modernization of the networks, Ooredoo provides 4G services to eight out of ten of its markets and advanced fixed line services in six operations.

“One of the prime areas will be Ooredoo’s research into 5G technology, which will provide the enhanced speeds and improved latency necessary to deliver next generation mobile technologies,” said Ooredoo Group CEO Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani.
Ooredoo CEO Mohammed bin Abdullah Al ThaniOoredoo will show the journey from the days of voice and text through to the era of 4.5G and 5G through advanced Supernet technologies.

Using a video demonstration of 5G-enabled robotics, Ooredoo will show the performance of 5G and the potential for Internet of Things applications, with the reduced latency and high-speed network enabling real-time communication between machines.

Ooredoo will present its Rescue concept using drone technology to enable Coast Guards to respond faster and more accurately to emergencies by providing a live video feed of the situation remotely and deploying an emergency raft via the drone.

The Ooredoo Rescue solution includes a host of stations on a series of made-to-order buoys that are anchored around the coast. Each buoy is equipped with cameras, powered by solar technologies that can monitor the seas in real time on its 4G network.

Ooredoo will present mobile health solutions, including You Click, We Care, which brings advance medical monitoring and interaction to the home.

Ooredoo will include a section on its pavilion covering Smart Sports Venue Management. Ooredoo Smart Stadium, a centralised solution for stadium management that controls security, connectivity, identity management, and access control, will be one of the highlights in this area.

Ooredoo will demonstrate the latest in Content Innovation services, where 2D and 3D coverage of matches can be broadcast to fan zones and directly to people’s homes within a fully-interactive virtual reality ecosystem.

Ooredoo’s Security Operations Centre uses machine learning, behaviour analytics and in-built threat intelligence to tackle cyber-threats.

The telecom operator will display Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.