AT&T to drive Air China’s mobility plans

Telecom giant AT&T will drive Air China’s mobility plans.

Air China carried almost 50 million passengers to 284 destinations, including 72 international cities, in 2012.

It tapped AT&T to combat the effects of rising oil prices and increasing pressure from low-cost carriers by improving the customer experience and enhancing its operational efficiency.

The mobility deal will enable AT&T to help Air China to realize its international ambitions by providing specialist consultancy support to develop a five-year roadmap for mobile communications and technology.

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The telecom giant will conduct interviews with Air China executives and operational staff, while closely observing the airline’s operations at key facilities. AT&T will make recommendations in a five-year plan that details how mobile technologies and procedures can be implemented to deliver superior customer service and generate revenue.

“Air China is always looking for ways to further improve customer service, offer more self-service options, and control costs. With AT&T’s help, we are now developing an effective five-year technology strategy to ensure we can continue to compete with the world’s best,” said Li Qiang, CIO of Air China.

AT&T’s Mobility Solutions Services team specializes in guiding businesses through the entire process of going mobile – from consulting and design to solution configuration and full lifecycle management of the end to end solution.

Key mobility solutions that AT&T can offer airline companies include ground operations applications for airline’s staff, mobile passenger reservation system, baggage and cargo tracking applications and digital signage at airport terminals.

“A holistic global mobility strategy that goes beyond standalone applications and piecemeal processes is crucial for corporations like Air China that are serious about transforming their international business and avoiding unnecessary complexity,” said Mike Troiano, vice president, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions.