Ericsson leads telecoms tech share in 2013, ahead of Huawei

Ericsson is leading the telecom service provider operational technology market with 18.6 percent share in 2013, well ahead of Huawei, said Gartner.

The market share of Huawei in the telecoms technology market is 14.9 percent, Alcatel-Lucent 9.6 percent, NSN (Nokia Networks) 8.7 percent, Cisco 5.9 percent and ZTE 4.8 percent.

The report covers telecoms carrier network infrastructure, telecom operations management systems (BSS, OSS and SDP) and network infrastructure services.

According to the report, which combines carrier network infrastructure and telecom operations management systems, and adds market shares for network infrastructure services, Ericsson software and software services revenues were ranked first in market share in 2013.

Vendor market share based on telecom operator technology

Gartner said the communications service provider operational technology market is concentrated at the top with the top five vendors accounting for 57.6 percent of revenue. The next 10 vendors accounted for 20.4 percent with the remainder making up 22 percent. Top 10 vendors accounted for 70.7 percent of worldwide revenue in 2013.

Ericsson and Huawei are among the top five vendors in each of the three categories: network, software and services.

Market concentration is highest in the CSP OT network market segments, where the top five vendors account for 65.7 percent of revenue. It is lowest in the CSP OT software market segment, where the top five vendors account for 38.4 percent of revenue.