cVidya announces new version of Fraud Management solution

Revenue Analytics solutions vendor cVidya today announced a new version of its Fraud Management solution.

The latest version of FraudView features advanced detection tools to assist telecom operators to reduce the time to investigate fraud and limit their financial exposure, improve efficiency and enhance business performance.

FraudView, compatible with the Hadoop big data framework, retrieves and presents analysts with relevant information and meaningful insights, enabling telecom service providers to detect and prevent fraud.

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The new version of FraudView highlights suspicious patterns in historic data related to the investigated entity. The new user interface streamlines the investigative process by enabling analysts to collect pieces of evidence in an e-commerce-style shopping cart.

FraudView has tools and dashboards to provide key business insights, such as the service provider’s financial exposure and the monetary implications of specific attacks and counter measures. The solution can be accessed from any device with a web browser to check dashboards on a tablet or any device.

Alon Aginsky, president and CEO of cVidya, said: “Our advanced algorithms ensure that business leaders and fraud analysts have the information they need at their fingertips, enabling them to move swiftly and decisively to safeguard their business.”