Singtel Unveils Paragon-S Platform at Global Satellite 2024 Conference

Singtel has introduced Paragon-S, a digital aggregation and orchestration platform, at the Satellite 2024 Conference & Exhibition in Washington, D.C.
Global Satellite 2024 ConferenceSingtel says Paragon-S stands out as the satellite industry’s premier orchestration platform, designed to enhance resilience, optimize costs, and unlock new revenue streams by seamlessly integrating multiple orbit satellites with terrestrial fixed and mobile network connectivity services. Leveraging edge computing and AI capabilities, the platform promises to revolutionize how satellite operators operate in today’s digital landscape.

Developed in-house, Paragon-S builds upon Singtel’s acclaimed Paragon orchestration platform, already deployed in five countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Satellite operators can use Paragon-S to extend edge computing services to enterprise customers, facilitating the hosting of mission-critical applications either on-premise or at remote sites. Furthermore, the platform enables seamless application migration between satellite operators’ edge clouds and public clouds, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse business needs.

The introduction of Paragon-S also fosters collaboration between satellite operators and terrestrial network providers, enabling the creation of bundled solutions tailored to enterprise requirements. Enterprises can now effortlessly switch between terrestrial fixed and mobile networks and various satellite constellations, optimizing costs and connectivity performance.

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit, said Paragon-S would empower satellite operators to evolve into platform companies, enabling them to offer turnkey solutions for various industry verticals.

Paragon-S promises an array of benefits for satellite operators, including multi-orbit switching, enhanced connectivity resilience, backhaul optimization, data analytics, and cost savings. Singtel’s own satellite operations will leverage Paragon-S to streamline operations, achieve greater efficiencies, and introduce new services to support customer digitalization efforts.

Singtel is engaging with satellite operators globally to offer Paragon-S trials, signaling a commitment to building a robust satellite ecosystem and driving innovation in the industry. With Paragon-S, Singtel is poised to revolutionize satellite communications, paving the way for enhanced connectivity and digital transformation on a global scale.