ViaSat revenue grows 10% to $666 million

ViaSat said its revenue for Q4 FY2023 increased 10 percent to $666 million, primarily driven by 34 percent higher product revenue.
Viasat booth at a trade eventViaSat reported net loss of $62 million, largely due to right sizing costs associated with the Link-16 TDL Sale.

ViaSat has generated revenue of $218 million (+19 percent) from Government Systems, $296 million (–3 percent) from Satellite Services, $153 million (+28 percent) from Commercial Networks during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023.

ViaSat said Q4 FY2023 capital expenditures were $314 million, an increase of 12 percent. The increase was primarily due to higher expenditures on customer premise equipment in anticipation of ViaSat-3 commercial service launch in the Americas partially offset by lower infrastructure spend and slightly lower satellite capital expenditures for the ViaSat-3 constellation program.

ViaSat said FY2024 capital expenditures are anticipated to be flat compared to FY2023, with the final ViaSat-3 Americas launch related payments having shifted between the fiscal years. Investment mix is expected to become more success-based as it returns to subscriber growth in U.S. fixed broadband business over the course of FY2024, ViaSat said.