5G smartphone production forecast cut to 250 mn

5G smartphone production is forecast to reach 250 million units with a 15 percent penetration rate in the overall smartphone market in 2020, according to TrendForce.
SK Telecom Announces the Worlds First 5G Smartphone SubscribersGlobal smartphone production is expected to reach 1.35 billion units, a 3.5 percent decrease, in 2020.

Telecom industry body GSA says 63 mobile operators in 35 countries have launched one or more 3GPP-compliant commercial 5G services — some with smart phones; some with 5G routers; some offering services widely; some with limited geographic, device or and customer availability.

TrendForce said the global smartphone production will reach 270 million, registering 13.3 percent drop in the first quarter of 2020, as the smartphone supply chain is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. TrendForce earlier forecast smartphone production of 307 million units in Q1 2020.

The coronavirus outbreak has spread to more than 70 countries since the second half of February, in turn affecting the global economy and, by extension, smartphone sales in the overseas markets.

Global smartphone production will be about 318 million units, showing 7.4 percent decrease in the second quarter of 2020.