Apple shines with $26.42 bn sales from iPhone business

Apple posted revenue of $59.7 billion in its fiscal 2020 third quarter ended June 27, 2020, an increase of 11 percent from the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 60 percent of the quarter’s revenue.
Apple smartphone share in IndiaApple business shines

Main products

iPhone $26.418 billion vs. $25.986 billion
Mac $7.079 billion vs. $5.820 billion
iPad $6.582 billion vs. $5.023 billion
Wearables $6.450 billion vs. $5.525 billion
Services $13.156 billion vs. $11.455 billion

Main regions

Americas $27.018 billion vs. $25.056 billion
Europe $14.173 billion vs. $11.925 billion
Greater China $9.329 billion vs. $9.157 billion
Japan $4.966 billion vs. $4.082 billion
Rest of Asia Pacific $4.199 billion vs. $3.589 billion

Research firm Canalys said Apple shipped 45.1 million iPhones globally, a growth of 25 percent compared to the previous year.

Research firm OMDIA said Apple shipped 39.9 million units, up 13.1 percent from 35.3 million units last year. The iPhone SE, a model with mid-range pricing, and the iPhone 11 helped Apple expand its unit shipments.

“With the launch of the iPhone SE in April, Apple has released a long-desired product, with an attractive price,” said Jusy Hong, director of smartphone research at Omdia. “The launch added a new iPhone model into Apple’s product mix just as lockdown restrictions had reached important markets, such as the United States.”

For most OEMs, the second quarter was another quarter of negative growth. Of the major OEMs, Apple was most successful in navigating the marketplace. The company expanded shipments by 13.1 percent on the back of its iPhone 11 and iPhone SE products, OMDIA report said.

Research firm IDC said Apple shipped 37.6 million iPhones in 2Q20, which placed the company in third with 13.5 percent share of the market. iPhone shipments managed to climb 11.2 percent year over year thanks to the success of its iPhone 11 series and the timely launch of the new SE (2020).

The launch of four new potential models will signal Apple’s entry in the world of 5G and challenge Android 5G devices that have been out for more than a year, IDC said.