Charge cell phones without electricity


Corporation unveiled a solution that combines native cooking fires and
thermoelectric science to recharge cell phones and other portable electrical
devices in remote villages and huts around the world.


company conducted a live demonstration at the RedLine exhibit using a fully
discharged cell phone and a common teakettle with an implanted high performance
thermoelectric module and a USB port.


less than two minutes atop a modest fire, the common teakettle had become an
electric generator, enabling a Tellurex engineer to boot up the dead phone and
place a call to a spectator, who was chosen at random. Meanwhile, the
teakettle-generator also began to boil and sterilize water.


World Pot can deliver important benefits to native people in the underdeveloped
world who may benefit from far-reaching cellular coverage but are too often
ambushed and robbed while trekking to distant charging stations for their
phones. It may also be a life saver in any location hit by a natural disaster
and power loss, where rescue may depend on keeping cell phone GPS and texting
power working over several days, along with any mapping and compass apps.


connected the past to the future and made it work,” said Clyde
McKenzie, chairman of
Tellurex. Using a simple teakettle as a portable
generator, we’ve created power for global communications from the kind of
cooking fire that mankind has used for at least 250,000 years.”


Tellurex World Pot concept can be adapted to any of a variety of traditional
metal cooking implements used across the underdeveloped world. Better yet, it
can be manufactured in each country of use, creating new jobs where today
people are surviving on less than one dollar a day
with little opportunity to earn more.


company provides thermal management and power generation engineering and design
expertise to the medical and bio-medical markets and to industrial customers in
automotive, diesel truck, electric generators, thermally managed circuitry
enclosures, and telecom industries, as well as to the US military.


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