ClearSky aligns with Quality One Wireless to launch certified handset program

Mobile Media, a provider of mobile data services and content to regional
wireless carriers, announced its partnership with Quality One Wireless to
implement a Certified Handset Program to more than 50 carrier clients.


wireless carriers worldwide continue to face the time-consuming and
resource-intensive challenge of configuring handsets for data services in the
market place.


Certified Handset Program virtually eliminates the carriers’ burden of
preparing handsets for content, mobile Web and messaging services. Upon receipt
of new handsets from Quality One Wireless, ClearSky
determines compatibility, and pre-configures the handsets with
appropriate network settings without carrier intervention.


of ClearSky’s primary objectives is to decrease or eliminate the work required
by our clients to deploy our products and services, and this is certainly
accomplished through our Certified Handset Program,” said Tony Tagliareni, EVP
of sales and marketing, ClearSky.


With the
elimination of carrier trouble shooting on new handsets, ClearSky clients will
experience a significant decrease in time to market, and an increase in
revenue, as new handsets traditionally generate the majority of content sales.


successful completion of a number of tests, the ClearSky certified” handsets
are then delivered to the carrier fully equipped to download content, browse
the Mobile Web, and send MMS messages.


We have had
an excellent experience working with ClearSky in the past, and we are pleased
to repeat that success by leveraging the industry knowledge and combined 30+
years of experience of both companies to offer this valuable service to mutual
clients and beyond,” said John Chiorando, CEO of Quality One Wireless.


By jointly
implementing a ClearSky/Q1W handset certification program, we will expedite the
process associated with getting new handsets to market, thereby increasing
customer satisfaction and data ARPU across our mutual client base.


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