Control your car using the Nokia N8

To promote smartphones and their unique deployment in connection with ordinary objects of everyday life, Nokia began the first of its kind road show, showcasing the Nokia N8 motion-sensor capabilities.


The Nokia N8 road show began two weeks ago in Delhi and Bangalore, and most recently in Mumbai, after which it will again be showcased for public viewing in Delhi later this week. As part of the road show called -What can you control with the Nokia N8?’ in Mumbai, Nokia showcased set up mini racing experiences zones at Phoenix Mall in Mumbai, at which mini model cars were controlled using Nokia N8 through an app, providing consumers a real life motion sensor gaming experience. Through the device and app, the mini model cars can be controlled from anywhere on the planet through Internet connectivity.


This downloadable app for the Nokia N8 can control remote control cars as well as real cars, in  terms of actually driving  the car without a driver anywhere on the planet, besides just locking and unlocking car doors via the N8. This facility is possible via video sharing from the car’s video on to your phone screen from which the car’s movements can be controlled. All you need therefore is just an Internet connection with live streaming capability. It took us three weeks to develop the app, which is now in demo stage, and we are awaiting funding to develop this app further. We are also working with other companies in India for similar projects,” said Sunil Kumar, COO, Divum who developed the unique N8 app.


The purpose of unveiling such an app was to demonstrate motion-sensor technology, which is not just in-app. Other variations of the motion sensor control possible from a smart phone would be home automation, security for homes, and much more. While these form a part of the smart grid concept, which is quite popular abroad, wherein one can control all home devices via a smart phone, in India, Divum is currently working on a smartphone app to control traffic using IP. Accordingly, customers who download this app will be able to share live video updates of traffic jams with other customers who can then avoid these routes, thus providing a unique traffic solution.    


As part of the road show, consumers will also be invited to send in ideas on ‘What they would like to control with their Nokia N8 device?’ — whether it’s a home appliance, a car or even gadgets in their office. Nokia will ensure that the most creative and innovative idea comes to life – giving consumers the opportunity to work on these projects with some of the leading developers in the country.



As a leader in mobile technology, innovation is always at the centre of what we do. Smart devices is one of the three key focus areas for Nokia, according to our global strategy announced earlier this year. We believe that smartphones will continue to evolve and enable consumers to communicate with a host of other gadgets and do a lot more with their devices. We believe that this concept will showcase the future of smartphones through the world of devices and apps,” said Viral Oza, director- Marketing, Nokia India.


The road show showcasing real car motion sensor technology in association with Nokia N8 will take off in 2-3 weeks and will also be open to public.


By Beryl M
[email protected]