HTC unveils HTC Rhyme


HTC Corporation announced the launch of HTC Rhyme, a new
kind of phone created for people who require advanced features but want a phone
that is sleek and fits seamlessly into their lives.


“HTC Rhyme represents an entirely new approach,
based on recognition that there is a substantial group of consumers who want
their phones to be more personal and complimentary to every moment of their
day,” said Scott Croyle, vice president of design, HTC Corporation.


“HTC Rhyme is focused on delivering this through a
fresh new style and experience that includes a family of innovative accessories
like the HTC Rhyme Charm and Docking Station that are meant to naturally
integrate into people’s lives,” Croyle added.


HTC Rhyme offers a smart, elegant unibody design with
every detail carefully crafted to deliver a unique sensory experience. The
materials, the curves, and the dimensions are all designed to feel great in
your hand, without sacrificing advanced features. HTC Rhyme comes in three
colors: Clearwater, Hourglass and Plum, the color Verizon Wireless will be
offering in the U.S.


“The HTC Rhyme is an exciting new approach to the
mobile lifestyle that integrates hardware, software and accessories in a unique
way,” said Marni Walden, vice president and chief marketing officer for
Verizon Wireless.


“We believe this clean, intuitive experience and
signature design is a testament to HTC’s ability to interpret what customers
have said they want in a mobile device. We are thrilled to offer the HTC Rhyme
exclusively on the nation’s largest, most reliable network,” Walden added.


HTC recently announced the launch
of HTC EVO 3D based on Snapdragon S3 mobile
at Qualcomm’s signature event, India
On 2011, in Delhi.


HTC EVO 3D provides the ability to
capture, view in 3D through a high-definition display, and share at fast


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