Huawei to manufacture T-Mobile’s myTouch phones

Telecom Lead Team:
Huawei may be the OEM choice for T-Mobile’s
next line of myTouch phones, according to, which reviews


It was HTC that introduced T-Mobile’s myTouch line back
in 2009. HTC has been the sole manufacturer of myTouch line until late last
year, when LG was selected to introduce a pair of these Android phones.
The report says Huawei has been selected to work on the two
Gingerbread-powered devices, the U8680 and U8730 in myTouch line.


There are indications that the U8680 and U8730 will join
T-Mobile’s lineup very soon. Meanwhile recently TmoNews reported that the LG models are
“sell through” indicating that they will soon disappear from the
stores. Huawei models will be a good deal for anyone looking for a cheaper
Android smartphone.


T-Mobile and Huawei have been partners for long. Earlier
in October both companies announced they successfully completed the world’s first
test for LTE self-organizing network (SON) with T-Mobile in Innsbruck, Austria.
Through the solution’ s ability to configure, optimize and recover
automatically, the LTE SON will offer operators operational cost savings
associated with network planning, network deployment and network optimization.


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