Intel new communications platform to address data needs of telecom operators and device makers

By Telecom Lead Team:
Intel will launch its new communications platform later this year. The new
communications platform will consolidate packet, application and control
processing on Intel architecture for efficient processing of multimedia

Intel to spend $12.5 billion in Capex targeting telecom

Intel Corp will sharply increase its capital expenditure
budget for 2012 in order to catch up in tablets and smartphones and to extend
its lead in corporate data centers. Rushing to speed up its development of
competitive chips for smartphones and tablets, Intel is boosting capital
spending in 2012 to $12.5 billion. Last year its capital expenditures were
$10.7 billion.

Intel has also started looking at improving its networking

Intel to buy InfiniBand from Qlogic to improve networking

Intel is set to acquire the product lines of and certain
assets related to its InfiniBand business from Qlogic. This acquisition is
designed to enhance Intel’s networking portfolio and provide scalable
high-performance computing (HPC) fabric technology as well as support the
company’s vision of innovating on fabric architectures to achieve ExaFLOP/s
performance by 2018.

The company’s communications platform, codenamed Crystal
Forest is building upon Intel’s presence in communications infrastructure.

Crystal Forest is expected to deliver up to 160 million
packets per second performance for Layer 3 packet forwarding. Previously, only
ASIC or specialized processors were capable of sending more than 100 million
packets per second.

Crystal Forest will utilize Intel QuickAssist technology,
which processes and accelerates specialized packet workloads – cryptography,
compression and deep packet inspection included on standard Intel platforms.

Secure Internet transactions can be accelerated up to
100Gbps on the platform to give service providers the ability to handle many
more secure transactions and without the cost of specialized solutions.

The Crystal Forest platform will enable equipment
manufacturers to design flexible platforms, from small- to medium-sized
business firewalls to high-end routers.

Service providers can save money by deploying fewer complex
platforms, making their network easier to manage and maintain.

The Intel platform roadmap plans to deliver annual
performance refreshes for several years, so equipment manufacturers and service
providers will be able to scale and refresh their designs to meet future
network needs. Crystal Forest will use a common application programming
interface and common drivers so that multiple designs can be implemented in
much less time and at much lower development costs.

Cisco survey: Mobile data to increase 18-fold over next 5 years

By 2015, it is estimated to take 5 years to watch all the
video crossing IP networks each second. As these numbers continue to climb, the
burden will be on equipment manufacturers and service providers to deliver
platform solutions that can cost-effectively manage rapidly increasing traffic
without compromising performance and security.

Crystal Forest will enable equipment manufacturers to
consolidate three communications workloads – application, control and packet
processing – on multi-core Intel architecture processors to deliver better
performance and accelerate time to market.

And with the popularity of social networking and other
high-bandwidth services, such as video and photo uploads/downloads, interactive
video, crowdcasting and online gaming, service providers will be challenged to
efficiently provision sufficient upstream capacity and manage the spike in
network traffic,” said Rose Schooler, general manager of Intel’s Communications
Infrastructure Division.

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