iPhone 5 released: Without iOS innovation can Apple survive in smartphone market?

Telecom Lead U.S: Apple iPhone 5 is released with several new features, most of which focuses on appearance and hardware. Apple set a new standard in smartphone market since the launch of its first iPhone a few years back. As more devices followed, user expectations rose. Now, with just a few hours after the release of the fifth generation iPhone unveiled, are the excitement and hype still there?

Apple iPhone 5

According to Ovum, Apple needs to do much more than the widely expected hardware revamp of the iPhone to lead in the smartphone market.

Apple iPhone 5 will be Apple’s most successful smartphone to-date, says Ovum; however, without a redesign of the iOS user experience and underlying software platform in the next two years, Apple will find itself in a position similar to Nokia and RIM, which found themselves with outdated smartphone platforms that needed replacing. If Apple does not follow this transition, it could lose large numbers of consumers along the way.

Apple has been anonymous with innovation. The sleek and stylish iPhone, iPad and iPods have set new esthetic and performance benchmarks for device makers across the world. Apple has a big task now to meet the expectations of customers who are eagerly waiting for the “Apple’s only” features. The iPhone 5 appears to not have met those.

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“Without the continued innovation which we are accustomed to with Apple, the company risks losing consumer appeal. The iPhone re-defined the smartphone category in 2007 but it can’t rely on past success to guarantee its future or rely on litigation to keep its competitors at bay,” said Adam Leach, leader of Ovum’s Devices and Platforms practice.

Technology companies that want to surpass competitions have to think outside their traditional areas of expertise; for example, hardware companies have to build up their software and service expertise and vice-versa, else they will risk market share and consumer confidence.

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